things i haven’t… things i have…

I’m 6.5 weeks pregnant and time seems to have stood still.  Normally life flies by a bit too darn quick but now, i feel in a state of perpetual six-week-ness. Waiting for DH to return from America, waiting for next weekend when i visit my sister so i can tell her, waiting for the weekend after that when we visit mum and dad.
So, in the last six and a half weeks
  • I haven’t felt sick.
  • I haven’t needed to pee more often.
  • I haven’t put on any weight. In fact, never have i weighed myself and there been the same number in a row, there’s always fluctuations. But the last 4 times i have weighed exactly the same – Lbs152 on the nose. Weird and satisfying.
  • I haven’t had any cravings.
  • I haven’t felt tired.
  • I haven’t had a metalic taste in my mouth.
  • I haven’t had any emotional ups and downs.
  • I haven’t done more than one pregnancy test.
  • I haven’t had my pregnancy confirmed by a Dr or midwife.  In fact i don’t have an appointment with the midwife until week ten and my 1st scan week 11. My GP didn’t confirm due to the accuracy of home tests.
  • I have got bigger boobs, just a smidge.
  • I have bought a diary and filled it with important dates to do with this pregnancy.
  • I have backed off my training a bit, i put this down to laziness and can’t attribute it to fatigue.
  • I have told a stranger i am pregnant (the arrogant running one)
  • I have eaten a ton of tinned Mackerel and Sardines – due to love and convenience not craving.
  • I have been going to bed early, this is to avoid the fatigue not because of it and so far so good.
I’m sure these things will change.
Probably tomorrow and we call that sods law/ tempting fate/ Murphy’s law/ fu**ing typical!
Any you choose. I’ll let you know.