Growing like a weed

Yes, my small thing did flourish.  He came out on April 10th at 9lbs 3oz and now 5 months later, Owen, my darling gorgeous chuckle-bum son is a lump. A big laughing lump.  I can’t believe how wonderful it is to have him.  I would kill and die for him.

He looks like his dad.  In fact i can’t really see me in him, though i hope and think maybe he has my nose. I hope he has my nose.

Maternity leave is fantastic.

My house is great, though not spent much time there. Been in Milwaukee for a couple of months then in Scarborough visiting my parents.  I miss it though, when i’m not there.  Owens room is lovely.

I love my life.


Loving Pregnancy

Yes, i do, i love it.

When i’m alone i’m not.  I have two heart beats inside me. I could possible even have the makings of my grandchildren inside me.

I get surprised to the point of jumping when bump moves or kicks with force.  People ask me how i am and really care what the response is.

I got a new wardrobe and i love my changing body. I can buy the cutest of clothes in the tiniest of sizes.

The only negative in my opinion is that i have gained too much weight but that is my fault and i am tackling that as i rejoined the gym.  Baby took away my self control and i have been eating too many chocolates but i will win this fight!  I think baby heard that, i got a kick.  Baby like chocolate.