making it home.

With one week in the house i feel quite accomplished.  I have a lounge with pictures hung and books on shelves.  The diningroom, which was the majority dumping ground for boxes now only holds empty boxes ready to go to the tip and the kitchen is unpacked.

The lounge is the first room to be decorated so i am trying to not fill those bookshelves as i will only be moving them in a week or so when i start.  THe whole house has this vile textured foam wall paper which needs removing. The only saving grace is that the ceilings are nice.  In fact i have beautiful coving in the lounge.  I think it was also in the diningroom but it looks like they maybe had problems in there and lowered it.  Everything in the house was done on the cheap. surface mounted heating and electrical. Poor job on installing the windows and don’t even get me started on the kitchen!

But its home.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful some say even up to 20 degrees!  So I’m getting in the garden while i can.  I plan to dig up some plants and mark out a veggie bed ready for some over winter veg.


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