2 down 7 to go.

Well i’m 8 weeks and 2 days in and i still have no symptoms. The only reason i am still convinced i’m pregnant is that my boobs have grown more and my running is slower.

I have to admit that i have  already used this pregnancy thing as an excuse not to exercise, and i’m not even carrying any extra weight yet! I promised myself that i would keep as active as possible throughout, as i plan to run a marathon, my first marathon 8 months post-partum. So if i get all lazy-ass too soon, it will make that come back all the more difficult.

So i managed a run tonight. 9.30 pace for 3.7 miles. I’ll take it, after a week off. I have my half marathon in 2 weeks so need to up the mileage again to ensure a completed run. I don’t want to walk any of it.

I’m on holiday from Friday for a week and it can’t come soon enough. We are going to my parents for the week. I can’t wait. My sister and boyfriend and brother are coming for the weekend so it will be fun. We are a big happy family when together, i love it.

We just spent the weekend at my sisters actually and had a wonderful time. It was awesome to get a hug after telling her our news. She was the first person i have told face to face. I told the hubby via IM as he was out of the country and mum over the phone. Hugs are the best.


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