helped by arrogant stranger

I ran after work yesterday when a somewhat arrogant expat who is here visiting for his sons wedding, whom i met whilst stewarding a 7 mile fell race last week caught up with me.  He asked to run with me then we realised we semi knew each other.  I was doing a tempo, he was doing a recovery; both at the same pace!  I didn’t want to run with him as i didn’t think that me chatting would allow me to run the speed i wanted to, but i agreed.  After just a few minutes he coached me on my breathing. I was puffing a bit and he said i needed to slow it down and use all my lungs.

We ran another 3 miles together and i used this technique.  We chatted, i managed reasonably long sentences and was only mildly annoyed at his big headed running stories.  I got home to find i had run the route the fastest i had in ages, 5.65 miles of undulating terrain in under 50 minutes (expecting 52:??) AND i chatted the whole time too.

I would like to thank Derek for my new found oxygen levels. But nothing else.


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