seedling planted

This years crops have been abundant in places and failures in others.  Each a lesson learnt and helps make next years decisions on what to grow.  This will be the first year i will grow over winter as we will hopefully move in to our new Victorian red brick house in September.  Thus, perhaps giving me enough time to eradicate part of the immature border planted area and turn it in to large vegetable beds.

Things I’d like to plant over winter: Gooseberry, Garlic; Celeriac; Rhubarb; Rocket.

The other thing I will be growing over winter is a baby. Our first.  I’m hoping to be as successful in this as my tomatoes in our conservatory.  Not that i want abundance, like my runner beans or potatoes, one child will do just fine please.

As the first trimester rolls on (i’m 6 weeks on Monday) I am training for my 3rd half marathon.  So far so good. I’m not exhausted as yet.  Today’s 10 miler was fine. The same pace as last weeks but felt a bit easier.  I took two two-minute walk breaks, i’ve never done that before, but it was merely to see if it made the second half easier.  I’m unsure.  Given my low mileage week (19.5 miles) i needed a successful long run.  Back on the plan next week.


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