Growing like a weed

Yes, my small thing did flourish.  He came out on April 10th at 9lbs 3oz and now 5 months later, Owen, my darling gorgeous chuckle-bum son is a lump. A big laughing lump.  I can’t believe how wonderful it is to have him.  I would kill and die for him.

He looks like his dad.  In fact i can’t really see me in him, though i hope and think maybe he has my nose. I hope he has my nose.

Maternity leave is fantastic.

My house is great, though not spent much time there. Been in Milwaukee for a couple of months then in Scarborough visiting my parents.  I miss it though, when i’m not there.  Owens room is lovely.

I love my life.


Loving Pregnancy

Yes, i do, i love it.

When i’m alone i’m not.  I have two heart beats inside me. I could possible even have the makings of my grandchildren inside me.

I get surprised to the point of jumping when bump moves or kicks with force.  People ask me how i am and really care what the response is.

I got a new wardrobe and i love my changing body. I can buy the cutest of clothes in the tiniest of sizes.

The only negative in my opinion is that i have gained too much weight but that is my fault and i am tackling that as i rejoined the gym.  Baby took away my self control and i have been eating too many chocolates but i will win this fight!  I think baby heard that, i got a kick.  Baby like chocolate.


making it home.

With one week in the house i feel quite accomplished.  I have a lounge with pictures hung and books on shelves.  The diningroom, which was the majority dumping ground for boxes now only holds empty boxes ready to go to the tip and the kitchen is unpacked.

The lounge is the first room to be decorated so i am trying to not fill those bookshelves as i will only be moving them in a week or so when i start.  THe whole house has this vile textured foam wall paper which needs removing. The only saving grace is that the ceilings are nice.  In fact i have beautiful coving in the lounge.  I think it was also in the diningroom but it looks like they maybe had problems in there and lowered it.  Everything in the house was done on the cheap. surface mounted heating and electrical. Poor job on installing the windows and don’t even get me started on the kitchen!

But its home.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful some say even up to 20 degrees!  So I’m getting in the garden while i can.  I plan to dig up some plants and mark out a veggie bed ready for some over winter veg.

confirmation 11+4

Today i had my 1st scan.  It confirms that i am in fact pregnant and contrary to my husband’s belief, that there is only one child in there.  Our kid has arms and legs and a nose – as pointed out. I am hopeful its got the rest of the bits too. It waved at us today.  It looks healthy with its little heart beating the speed of a Techno top ten track and it did a little wiggle too, perhaps to the beat of its own number one.

I have been getting a bit stressed with the house purchase mostly to do with the bank canceling my transfer to the solicitor of our portion of the sale. They said they thought it fraud, then required me to go to the bank to sort it out. I went, they said it had gone through, i find out 2 days before we need it that it didn’t. Now its too late to transfer the free way so i had to pay for the instant transfer.  They gave me the run around locking me out of my internet banking and phone banking and i had to go to the branch twice.  I’m sick of their shit and i am moving banks.

I also have to sort out things like buildings and contents insurance, all mortgage paper work, all money things, there is a lot to it when you have to do it all yerself.  Hubby can’t help as he isn’t on any paperwork so no one will speak to him about it.  I also need to sort out new car insurance and take my car in for an MOT.  It’s all happening at once and i am becoming really drained and aggravated.

It’s just a good job i have the good thing, the baby to cheer me up.  And i am so glad that i haven’t been sick, nauseous or really anything.  I have been busy lazy and i didn’t run my half marathon.  After not training and needing the day to pack i thought better of it.  I’m annoyed that i allowed myself to get to the point i wasn’t trained enough to even just run it – rather than race it – but whats done is done.

I’m getting back on the wagon next week.  I am going to set myself days to go straight to the gym after work.  As i will then be driving to and from work its best to just go straight to the gym.  Its going to be getting dark soon after work and running outside alone isn’t an option in my mind.  I plan to swim and run, perhaps some spin classes too.  I need to, i think I’m happier when working out.  It starts next week as Hubby leaves for America on Sunday and i will be alone for a month.

Just me and my bump.

And the house to unpack!

2 down 7 to go.

Well i’m 8 weeks and 2 days in and i still have no symptoms. The only reason i am still convinced i’m pregnant is that my boobs have grown more and my running is slower.

I have to admit that i have  already used this pregnancy thing as an excuse not to exercise, and i’m not even carrying any extra weight yet! I promised myself that i would keep as active as possible throughout, as i plan to run a marathon, my first marathon 8 months post-partum. So if i get all lazy-ass too soon, it will make that come back all the more difficult.

So i managed a run tonight. 9.30 pace for 3.7 miles. I’ll take it, after a week off. I have my half marathon in 2 weeks so need to up the mileage again to ensure a completed run. I don’t want to walk any of it.

I’m on holiday from Friday for a week and it can’t come soon enough. We are going to my parents for the week. I can’t wait. My sister and boyfriend and brother are coming for the weekend so it will be fun. We are a big happy family when together, i love it.

We just spent the weekend at my sisters actually and had a wonderful time. It was awesome to get a hug after telling her our news. She was the first person i have told face to face. I told the hubby via IM as he was out of the country and mum over the phone. Hugs are the best.

things i haven’t… things i have…

I’m 6.5 weeks pregnant and time seems to have stood still.  Normally life flies by a bit too darn quick but now, i feel in a state of perpetual six-week-ness. Waiting for DH to return from America, waiting for next weekend when i visit my sister so i can tell her, waiting for the weekend after that when we visit mum and dad.
So, in the last six and a half weeks
  • I haven’t felt sick.
  • I haven’t needed to pee more often.
  • I haven’t put on any weight. In fact, never have i weighed myself and there been the same number in a row, there’s always fluctuations. But the last 4 times i have weighed exactly the same – Lbs152 on the nose. Weird and satisfying.
  • I haven’t had any cravings.
  • I haven’t felt tired.
  • I haven’t had a metalic taste in my mouth.
  • I haven’t had any emotional ups and downs.
  • I haven’t done more than one pregnancy test.
  • I haven’t had my pregnancy confirmed by a Dr or midwife.  In fact i don’t have an appointment with the midwife until week ten and my 1st scan week 11. My GP didn’t confirm due to the accuracy of home tests.
  • I have got bigger boobs, just a smidge.
  • I have bought a diary and filled it with important dates to do with this pregnancy.
  • I have backed off my training a bit, i put this down to laziness and can’t attribute it to fatigue.
  • I have told a stranger i am pregnant (the arrogant running one)
  • I have eaten a ton of tinned Mackerel and Sardines – due to love and convenience not craving.
  • I have been going to bed early, this is to avoid the fatigue not because of it and so far so good.
I’m sure these things will change.
Probably tomorrow and we call that sods law/ tempting fate/ Murphy’s law/ fu**ing typical!
Any you choose. I’ll let you know.